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“In recent years the extreme rain that has occurred has flooded my lawn and threatened to come into my house. After taking measurements of the current landscape Patricia designed a system of swales that would blend into my wooded lot, have plantings that loved water and were either shade or sun tolerant and deer-resistant. The result is stunning. The swales follow the topography and the torrential downpour in September barely left a puddle in my lawn area.

Everyone was a pleasure to work with and they worked very hard for just over 3 days to accomplish the task. I highly recommend Patricia Ceglia.”

Rain-scape Client
Southampton, Pennsylvania


Patricia Ceglia installs multi-functional landscapes in the mid-Atlantic region. With her supervision, her crew, or yours, will construct and plant edible, native, and ornamental landscapes; swales and terraces; and insectory and forest gardens.

Terraced Rain-scape at Bryn Gweled  Southampton, Pennsylvania

Terraced Rain-scape - Southampton, PA

This landscape was installed in 3 days by 3 people.

Terraced Rain-scape at Bryn Gweled - Project Description

hillside rain-scapeHillside Rain-scape  Towson, Maryland

Site - This steep slope sends stormwater downhill to the homeowner’s patio and perennial flower beds after rain storms. Since the water is running off, rather than soaking in, and exposed to full sun, the slope is dry and dead most of the year. This landscape was installed in the fall to give trees, shrubs and plants a chance to establish their roots over the winter.

Vision - The objective was to dry out the ground at the bottom of the hill and to get something to grow on its barren slope.

hillside rain-scape



Outcome - While providing habitat for beneficial insects, and a showy vista from the patio, this functional installation creates a transition between the native forest at the perimeter of the yard and the ornamental flower beds close to the house.

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