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Design solves problems...beautifully.

Patricia Ceglia designs unigue envionments indoors and out: edible and native Landscapes, rain-scapes (for stormwater management), Permaculture habitats, passive solar homes and additions, and historic building renovations...serving the Cheasopeake bioregion, and beyond.

Site-specific design

The site can be a residential lot, a house, a historic structure, a farmstead, a park, a church or school yard, or a community. Working with local climatic and geographic conditions, a static landscape can be converted to a unique, productive oasis. Practical and imaginative decision-making connects buildings with their landscape, maximizing the functions of each. Sun, shade, water, wind, trees, nutrients and soils are harnessed as useful natural resources to produce food, water, energy, and shelter security. Combined with a client’s vision the site generates a personalized and restorative habitat.

Patricia Ceglia carries on a family legacy of design talent, consulting professionally for private and nonprofit clients. Since practicing architecture for 30 years, she now applies her design skills and passion for organic gardening to an integrated landscape setting.

A fine arts foundation at Cooper Union, led to a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute. Patricia is also trained in Historic Preservation, Classical Architecture, Urban Design, and Permaculture Design.

Patricia has taught Sustainable Architecture and Permaculture Design at Wilson College since 1998. She teaches the Permaculture Design Certificate Course for Heathcote Education Program, and is a frequent public speaker.

"Through the collective intentional efforts of many individuals, a healing momentum can transform our planet into the radiant life source it is intended to be."

Contact Patricia
Telephone: (443) 239-6531

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